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Plastics suck, and microfiber towels are PLASTIC

Check out this terrifying video by John Oliver, all about plastics and the truth about plastic recycling. I don't know about you, but I felt enraged and helpless watching this video, even though he made it funny as always. One thing he didn't talk about is all the microfiber that's been flooding the market for years. That stuff is plastic that's been made really, really tiny so it can masquerade as fabric, and it pollutes the waterways every time you put it through the wash. And people don't even realize it!

So give the video a watch, and remember -- microfiber towels are PLASTIC, they pollute with every wash, and no one is even pretending they're recyclable. Don't buy them, don't use them, tell your friends. I don't care if you buy a Zumi, or just use your cotton t-shirt as your camping travel towel. Friends don't let friends buy microfiber!

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