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We are a couple of friends, living and playing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We are avid campers, boaters and travelers, love to get dirty and wet, and for years have been struggling to find a good towel to bring along on our adventures.  Regular bath towels were nice to use, but way too heavy and bulky to pack, and slow to dry.

We tried the microfiber towels that are being marketed to campers and travelers, but they feel awful and abrasive on the skin, don't have much absorbency and have a tendency to get smelly, even with careful use.  

So we pretty much gave up on having a decent adventure towel and went back to using our t-shirts to dry ourselves.  Not the best solution, but what else was there?

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And so it went, until one day we read an article about the hidden dangers of microfiber towels.  Turns out that not only are microfiber towels are nasty and yucky to use, not only are they made from petroleum-based plastics, but they also actively harm the environment every time they are washed!  Microfiber towels shed millions of tiny plastic micro beads with every wash.  This tiny plastic particles are too small to be filtered out by sewage treatment plants and flow freely into our waterways.  They pollute our water, fish, seafood, and eventually make their way into our bodies.

Now we were angry.  This was not ok.  Somebody had to do something, and we decided that it was going to be us.  

We were set on a mission -- to create an awesome towel that is super soft and lovely on the skin, dries quickly, never smells, packs up light for easy travel, and is safe for our waterways. We wanted an awesome towel for ourselves, and for all of you lovely people so you are not stuck with the plasticy and harmful microfiber towels as your only option.

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After much work and research we found just the right people to partner with -- a small family-owned textile mill in Denizli, Turkey.  Turkey is the birthplace of the towel, dating back to the Ottoman Empire and the bath culture that thrives to this day.  And while Turkey is the world capital of towel textiles, Denizli is the center of the Turkish towel expertise, where the secrets of weaving and towel-making are passed down through generations in family textile mills.  Our towel production combines centuries of Turkish towel-making expertise with modern technology which allowed us to produce the cotton micropile, making a revolutionary all-cotton travel towel that is light, soft, absorbent and fast-drying.

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We use only the finest long-staple cotton grown in the Aegean region of Turkey, high ring spun for extra softness.

This allowed us to create the unique light-weight terry, that is soft and absorbent on the skin, yet dries fast and packs light.

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