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100% Cotton Camping Travel Towel

Lightweight, Fast Drying, Ultra Absorbent,
Perfectly Soft, Lovely and Gentle on skin

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Outstanding quality, highly technical camping towel

We are thrilled to bring you Zumi, the ultimate camping towel.  Made from unique 100% Cotton Terry, it is super lightweight, ultra absorbent, fast drying, safe and gentle on your skin as only cotton can be.  Designed in Seattle, expertly crafted in Denizli, Turkey, our towels are woven from the long-staple Aegean Cotton, high ring spun for extra softness.  Perfect for camping, travel, boating, or beach, Zumi will be your faithful companion on any adventure.  And unlike microfiber towels, our 100% Cotton terry is completely safe both for you and for the environment.

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Why Zumi

Everything a travel towel needs to offer

We put Zumi through its paces in the wet lush Pacific NorthWest and all the way to arid deserts of the South West. Snowy mountains, barren deserts, rain forests, rivers, lakes, Zumi performance was outstanding on all our adventures. Camping, backpacking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, beach, Zumi exceeded our expectations for a highly technical travel towel.  Read on to see the features that make Zumi towels uniquely qualified for the job.


Large Size, Ultra Lightweight

Generously measuring 29"x59", Zumi easily wrap an adult, yet because it's made of our unique ultra-light pure cotton terry, it packs up small and compact and weighs only 10.6oz

Fast Drying, Stays Fresh

Forget everything you know about regular cotton towels, designed for a comfortable bathroom existence.  Zumi adventure towel dries 4x times faster than a regular cotton bath towel. And unlike microfiber towels, pure cotton Zumi won't get smelly even if left damp overnight.


Softest and Safest for your skin

Nothing is more soft and gentle on your skin than pure cotton.  Our Zumis are woven from 100% long-staple Turkish Aegean Cotton, high ring spun for extra softness.  Safe and gentle even for the most sensitive skin.

Highly Absorbent

Zumi towels are soft and light, but that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on absorbency.  Zumis are 50% more absorbent than microfiber towels, a single Zumi can easily dry 2 wet adults.


Soft on You, Safe for the Planet

Did you know that microfiber towels shed harmful microbeads with every wash?  These microbeads end up in our waterways, polluting water and fish and eventually making their ways into our bodies. See this John Oliver video on truth about plastic pollution.
Zumis are 100% Cotton, perfectly safe to use and wash as much as you like! 

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To learn more about choosing the perfect camping travel towel, see our handy 6-step guide.

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